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Database Project 01 CIS102

This is a project based course so there seems little reason to not jump in the deep end - the water is warm, let's go! It is also a group project, so you have your group. The presentation is due at our class meeting on 02 Oct.

Here is the context:
The economy soured in the mid-oughts and you are graduating into a highly competitive environment. There are good jobs out there but finding them is more challenging. You have adopted the process outlined in "What Color is Your Parachute" and have been networking and developing informational contacts in the media, publishing, and marketing areas. You looked at your desk (the paper is a snapshot of your desk) and have noted a collection of business cards, printed, emails, notes on bar napkins, and matchbooks. (Hey, whatever is at hand).

You need to organize these scattered bits of paper so that you can begin to focus on your job search. Here is the question you need to answer:

How am I going to organize this information so that I can track contacts, possible job opportunities, and follow up with offers or further contacts within these firms or others?

I expect that you will use some form of electronic/digital organization, but that is not required.

Someone from your group will be

  • designated the group leader who will be responsible for sending me an email prior to Midnight, Wed, 31 Jan.
  • designate the group or person to make the presentation to the class on Friday, 02 Feb.