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  • Instructor: Dr. W. Brett McKenzie
  • Office: GSB Room 210
  • Office phone number: 401-254-3534 - 
  • Text: 401 626-0806
  • Email address: wbteach@g.rwu.edu
  • Office Hours: 
    • Tue: 5:00 PM - 6:00 PM
    • Thu: 12:00 PM - 1::00 PM
    • Fri: 12:30 - 1:30PM
    • Or by appointment
  • Course Hours and Locations:
    • CIS102.03 T, F 2:00 - 3:20 PM  CIS102.04 T, F 3:30 to 4:50 PM
    • GSB223

Course Description

Introduces students to the elements of business conducted via the Web, which is the paradigm of 21st century business transactions. Focused on the development of a database in Access and the design and deployment of a Web site, this course integrates the information management and communications aspects of the digital business environment. Offered in an interactive hands-on computer classroom. (No prerequisites)

Course Objectives

By the end of the course, the student should be able to:
  • Build a database representing business objects and processes.
  • Build a basic web site using a text editor.
  • Understand the information cycle as it is represented in database storage, and query
  • Understand the design of an information system to include the data store and the user interface.
  • Learn to work in team implementing agile/lean methodology.

Texts and Other Materials

Access to an internet connection is required.

A flash key/memory stick is highly recommended - you will need to portable storage for class files. Cloud storage can sometimes be problematic.

Access(TM)  database software is installed in all the computer labs and is available via the rCloud.

Text materials will be provided on-line or in-class

Course Communications

An RWU e-mail account is required for this class.
You may forward your RWU account to a preferred account, but you will be responsible for any e-mail messages sent to your RWU account.

Begin the subject line with CIS102 and use the address: wbteach@g.rwu.edu
Your e-mail is important. If you use CIS102 to begin the subject, I expect to reply within 48 hours. Otherwise, I may not notice it among the other e-mails I receive.

The Web

You will be required to complete assignments or quizzes and participate in forum or wikis using
the on-line course management system(s). You are responsible for your account management.

Course Requirements

This class is project based. There are five projects. These projects are completed as teams. IF YOU DO NOT WANT TO WORK IN A TEAM CHOOSE A DIFFERENT SECTION. When working in a team, you will still need to develop the skills at using the software to create a working project because the performance assessments are individual. Project grades are a combination of peer evaluation on contribution to the team and instructor evaluation of the project.

Performance Assessments
These are timed exams consisting of a short answer portion and a portion where you will build solutions on the computer and submit the files. These are completed individually.

Readings & Assignments
Read the chapters and complete the assignments. Assignments are due when assigned because class activities depend upon them. Electronic assignments are often due on days other than class meetings. All assignments must be completed to pass the course. Assignments a week late or more will get a zero.

A test, or performance assessment follow the project, and there is a comprehensive final exam. Lowest or missed test grade eliminated (no make-up test) if you take the final. Final average incorporates class attendance, participation, peer project evaluations, and test results. Accommodations for learning issues will be in accordance with Roger Williams University policy.

Attendance Policy
Please contact me via e-mail (wmckenzie@rwu.edu) or phone (401-254-3534) explaining why you will miss class. Your team meetings have the same status as a class meeting. Do not miss them. Participation in chat/IM sessions, or exchanging e-mail during class is equivalent to an absence.

Wireless communications (cell phones, pagers, PDA's),
You and your classmates will determine the appropriate behavior with cell phones, text messaging, and other wireless communication. You and your classmates will establish the parameters for public communication via wireless during class time. I reserve the right to dismiss anyone who surreptitiously communicates (ie: texting below the desktop).

Academic Integrity
You are required to work with others in your class because of the team focus. You are expected to credit intellectual property sources for all media used in your projects. Your participation in the performance assessments/tests is individual. Testing is conducted in the computer lab; if you are found cheating or lying the RWU Academic Integrity Policy applies and you will get an "F" for the course. Information is at: http://rwu.edu/academics/academic-affairs/academic-standards

Student Accessibility Services
Students who wish to receive academic accommodations for this course must first register with Student Accessibility Services (SAS) in order to begin the accommodation process. The SAS office will provide registered students with the specific information they will need to share with each instructor. SAS is located on the second floor of the Main University Library and is open from 8:00 am to 5:00 pm Monday through Friday. For more information about the services and accommodations available through Student Accessibility Services please review the following link: https://www.rwu.edu/undergraduate/academics/student-academic-success/student-accessibility-services.

Course Grading

Component Weight
Attendance & Assignments 75
Data Organization
Relational Database/Design
Database - Users
Basic Web
Final Project
Performance Assessments 400
Total 1000

Course Materials
Course materials are covered by the appropriate copyright. Locally prepared course materials are the property of the faculty, which includes hand-outs, website content, and other presentation materials or assignments. Use beyond the classroom requires permission.

Course Recordings
Audio and video recordings of the course are permitted with the instructor's consent. These materials are to assist you in completing your coursework and are not authorized for redistribution.

Student Course Materials
Completed assignments, especially projects, may be used to build instructional portfolios and serve as instructional examples for future classes. All reasonable attempts to remove personal identification while maintaining the integrity of the project will be made.

Title XI

Roger Williams University fosters a campus free of power-based personal violence including sexual harassment, domestic violence, relationship violence, stalking, and/or any form of sex or gender-based discrimination. If you disclose a personal experience as described above, either verbally or in writing, the course instructor is required to notify the Title IX Coordinator. To disclose any such violence confidentially, contact one of the three resources listed below:
The RWU Counseling Center – 401-254-3124 https://www.rwu.edu/undergraduate/student-life/health-and-counseling/counseling-center
Health Services – 401-254-3156 https://www.rwu.edu/undergraduate/student-life/health-and-counseling/health-services
University Chaplain, Rev. Nancy Soukup – 401-254-3433 https://www.rwu.edu/undergraduate/student-life/identity-culture-and-spirituality/spiritual-life Additional information regarding your rights and resources are available at: https://www.rwu.edu/undergraduate/student-life/health-and-counseling/sexual-assault-and-dating- violence/title-ix-rwu

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