• Instructor: Dr. W. Brett McKenzie
  • Office: GSB Room 210
  • Office phone number: 401-254-3534
  • Email address: wmckenzie@rwu.edu
  • Office Hours: 
    • Mon: 1:00 - 2:00 PM;
    • Mon: 5:30 - 6:30 PM;
    • Thu: 10:00AM - 11:00AM or by appointment
  • Course Hours and Locations:
    • Thurs, 11 AM - 1:50 PM, CAS 126
Course Description:
The Internet has been leading to profound changes in many areas of society. In this seminar, students from different disciplines come together to discuss some of these changes. They include changes in arts, science, education, culture, privacy, crime, national security, the economy, and politics.

Course Objectives
By the end of the course, students should:
    •    have a better understanding of the Internet and its history;
    •    have better knowledge about changes in selected areas of the society related to the Internet;
    •    be more capable of analyzing issues in the above and other areas, within or outside the area of their majors;
    •    be able to better answer the questions of Who I am? What I can know? What I should do?
         in an increasingly interlinked, technology based society.

Course Outcomes (RWU Core Committee Spring 2013)
Texts and Other Materials
Course Requirements
There are four categories of requirements for the class, based on University Core Curriculum Committee Guidelines:
  1. Reading & Weekly summaries and quizzes
    1. Read/watch weekly assigned materials/video;
    2. Write a weekly summary of about 100 words of the reading. The summary should include about three observations and three questions and be submitted Sunday midnight before class.
    3. Finish weekly online quizzes about the class materials before class;
  2. leading a class for discussion
    1. prepare a presentation on a chosen topic based on the assigned materials, with 1 or 2 partners;
    2. a) submit the first version of prepared presentation before the scheduled presentation to the instructor by wetransfer (https://wetransfer.com/) for comments;
      b) research and find a text on your selected topic for your classmates to read/listen/watch.
    3. meet and discuss with the instructor before the scheduled presentation
    4. submit final version of the presentation to the instructor before class;
    5.  deliver the presentation(s), and lead class discussions;
  3.  research project
    1. conduct scholarly research, preferably on the topic of your class presentation, with a team of two or three
    2. write and submit a research paper or other acceptable media of expression
    3. present the project to class;
  4. participation
    1. attend classes 
    2. actively participate discussions
    3. complete online blog and forum assignments.
Attendance Policy
Students are required to attend to all classes. Considering possibility of emergency, the class allows each student one absence without penalty to his/her grade, if evidence of exceptional situation in forms of, e.g., notes from doctor or parents, is provided to the instructor.
Electronic Communications
All students are required to have internet access and use the internet to post their materials. Students are also expect to read their RWU email accounts. This is the prime means of communicating with students.
When you send the instructor email (wmckenzie@rwu.edu), please put “CORE456: " + topic on the subject line. I will try to respond within 48 hours.
Cell phones with text (SMS) service may be required for in-class activities.
Academic Integrity
The academic integrity policy of university will be strictly followed.

Reading and Quizzes
Summaries with 3 observations and 3 questions
Presentation of class materials and leading class discussion
20 (10 preparation; 10 discussion)
Research Project

Accessibility for Students
Students who wish to receive academic accommodations for this course must first register with Student Accessibility Services (SAS) in order to begin the accommodation process. The SAS office will provide registered students with the specific information they will need to share with each instructor. SAS is located on the second floor of the Main University Library and is open from 8:00 am to 5:00 pm Monday through Friday. Please note Student Accessibility Services was previously known as Disability Support Services and is referenced on page 19 of the 2013-2014 RWU Catalog.

Tentative Schedule:
Class Introduction - Brink of the Revolution
23 Jan
What is the Internet? What is its history? 30 Jan
Internet and the Economy 6 Feb
Internet and Music 13 Feb
V Internet and Art & Entertainment/Project Proposals 20 Feb      
Internet and Science & Research 27 Feb
Internet and Education 6 Mar

 S P R I N G B R E A K

Project Review 20 Mar
Internet and Life & Culture 27 Mar
Internet and Crime & Privacy 3 Apr
Internet and National Security * 10 Apr
Internet and Gaming 17 Apr
Project Practice 24 Apr
XIV Final presentations 01 May
* this date may change - trying to arrange a tour at the Naval War College, War Gaming Center

Course Materials  Course materials are covered by the appropriate copyright. Locally prepared course materials are the property of the faculty, which includes hand-outs, website content, and other presentation materials or assignments. Use beyond the classroom requires permission.
Course Recordings
  Audio and video recordings of the course are permitted with the instructor's consent. These materials are to assist you  in completing your coursework and are not authorized for redistribution.
Student Course Materials  Completed assignments, especially projects,  may be used to build instructional portfolios and serve as instructional examples for future classes. If you do not want your projects included, please speak to me.