National Girls Collaborative Project -- Roger Williams University and Girls, Inc. Taunton MA.

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See video of the animation built by the girls


Project Decription
In Spring 2010, some 15 girls from Girls Inc. in Taunton, MA arrived at Roger Williams Univesrity for a basketball clinic and computing workshop. Six students from Roger William -- three women from the varsity basketball team and six women computing majors mentored the visiting girls. All the mentors participated in both arts -- the basketball students had to learn the computing program and the programming students had to learn basketball. One of them, an international student, had never held a basketball before so it was a challenge for the mentors on both aspects.

We began in the basketball arena and ran basketball drills led by the Lady Hawks. These drills included defensive maneuvers, like footfires, and offensive roles, like shooting.

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Following the basketball clinic, we went to the computer lab to create animations of the basketball experiences.


Following the computing session, the visitors joined their mentors for lunch in the University dining room. The notion of an ice cream machine and unlimited ice-cream cones was almost the highpoint for the day.